Frank was born in Santa Marta, Colombia, and named by his father after the great singer Frank Sinatra. Little did his parents know that he would grow up with a big voice of his own. When he was very young, his mother heard him singing  and was so impressed she pushed him toward performing in public. At 8 years old he was already singing folkloric music on television with the choral group Cantares del Alma Magdalense, directed by Javier Jimenez. 

Things happen, and at 15 years old, his mother passed away, throwing his life into turmoil. For several years, music was mostly forgotten. But in the most difficult of these moments, Frank found himself writing a song. He found he was able to put form to his emotions with this poetry and create a stillness within his personal chaos. And so, in the ensuing years, as he grew up, he continued to write songs from time to time as he encountered muses and inspiration in his journey. 

After living primarily in Bucaramanga and then Barranquilla for several years, Frank returned once again to Santa Marta to live, and ran into some musician friends he knew from his youth. They began playing music in the park, and it was there, near his childhood home and amongst those once-familiar rhythms, that Frank remembered his mother’s dream for him to sing. 

He began playing percussion (claves, bongo, campana) and singing background to accompany the group. He also began to learn guitar by studying the fingerings of guitarists he knew and practicing on borrowed guitars. The more that he played, the more music began to take over Frank’s life. He found he had a natural understanding of musical phrasing and that playing was the best form of expression and release that he had. The group began playing around Santa Marta in bars, restaurants, and at events, in several permutations over the past years, with Frank ultimately becoming the lead singer and guitarist. 

While the group’s repertory predominantly contains classic songs from the traditions of son cubano, salsa, and boleros, Frank has now gathered up all of his own songs he has written over the years to record and present to the public, beginning with “Pequenas Poesias.” 

Frank’s music is a fusion of the tropical rhythms, melodies, and harmonies from the classic songs that he often sings, and poetic lyrics inspired by his own experiences and yearnings in life. He has given the name Son Samario to this currently evolving sound.

His goal is to raise the spirits of his listeners, in the midst of their own travels, with a relaxing vibe and reminders of the beautiful moments in life that he alludes to in his songs. 

I come across beautiful muses in life and I feel the need to sing to them.”

— Frank

I don't know if it's just me, but when I am in the deepest sadness, I write a song. In the midst of that sadness I remember the beauty of life. ”

— Frank